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The Top 4 Best Hot Tubs for a Big Backyard

J-LXL backyard installation.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs & Backyard Living of Surrey believes that you can get the most out of your hot tub with the proper research. Researching hot tubs before making a purchase helps potential owners know what options are available to them. It also lets them know what to expect from their purchase. In order to be truly content with your purchase, we’ve made a list covering the perfect tubs for a large backyard.

Number One: The J-LXL® instead of the J-LX®

The J-LXL® is an upgrade of the J-LX® from Jacuzzi®. The extra “L” stands for lounge as it offers an additional lounge seat compared to the base LX model. This tub can fit up to 6 people and has a water capacity of 390 gallons. The J-LXL® has top quality jets specifically engineered for energy efficiency while providing relaxation. The energy efficiency of this tub means you can spend less time worrying about your power bill and more time soaking! Other stand-out features include:

  • LED Perimeter lighting
  • 38 Jets
  • Sleek outer appearance
  • A CLEARWAY® water purification system

To learn more about the J-LXL®, click here!

Number Two: The J-235™ instead of the J-225™

The J-235™ is the up-scaled version of the J-225™. Instead of hosting only seating for 5 people, the J-235™ offers seating for six people. This is the perfect solution for people who want to host larger parties and want all of their friends to enjoy their tub. The holds 350 gallons of water, so nobody will feel cramped inside of it—even at full capacity! Like the J-225™, the J-235™ has customizable cabinetry and shell options. Other features of the J-235™ include:

  • Built-in drink holders
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Pillow headrests
  • With a water feature

To learn more about the J-235™, click here!

Number Three: The J-475™ for Ultimate Comfort

The J-475™ of the J-400™ series is great for people who have big backyards and want the some of the best hot tub features possible. The J-475™ fits up to six people with a 440-gallon water capacity, meaning the people inside will have more than enough room. This spacious hot tub has five comfortable seats and a lounge seat, which makes it perfect for parties or personal time. Other features of the J-475™ include:

  • 55 jets
  • Four headrests
  • Colour touch control panel

To learn more about the J-475™, click here!

Number Four: The J-585™ for a Show-stopper

If you’re looking for the biggest hot tub on the market, then the J-585™ may be right for you. Besides offering the most premium features, it can hold up to seven people with a water capacity of 440 gallons. While the J-585™ lacks a lounge seat, it does have seven comfortable up-right seats. These seats are set deep into the tub so no part of your body will be exposed while soaking. Other features of the J-585™ include:

  • Dual ProEdge™ Waterfalls
  • Woven Exterior
  • Outer accent lighting and interior illumination

To learn more about the J-585™, click here!

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