Power Floc


  • This product restores water clarity by flocculating particles that cause cloudiness, haze, & water discolouration. Debris is coagulated and quickly drops to bottom of pool to easily be vacuumed out.
  • This product will not affect pH & works with all sanitizers & filter types.

Directions for Use:

  • Shake well before using!!
  • Backwash or clean filter, if necessary.
  • Adjust pH to 7.4-8.0 for best results.
  • Use 100 mL of product per 10,000 L pool water.
  • Remover skimmer basket & any product in skimmer. Pour product slowly into skimmer with pump on & filter dial valve in recirculate or whirlpool position. For filters without ‘recirculate’ position, will be required to dilute product in water before use.
  • Allow pump to circulate water for 2 hours to distribute product throughout pool.
  • Shut off pump for 12 to 24 hours.
  • Vacuum to waste all settled debris with filter dial valve in waste or drain mode.
  • Backwash & clean filter.
  • Resume normal filter cycle.


  • Product will not kill algae but will facilitate the removal of dead algae after algae treatment.

Directions for Weekly Treatment:

  • To help maintain sparkling water, apply 20 mL per 10,000 L pool water.

Net Contents: 946 mL